Rhiannon has true flair for design and made the difference between my hall looking half-right and absolutely stunning within the course of an hour.

- Deborah, Leicestershire


Hi, my name is Rhiannon and in 2016 I founded My Designer Friend.

Friends have often asked me for help when they are planning to make-over a room or build a small extension or otherwise redesign the space they live in. And I like to help them, they’re my friends after all. And sometimes friends-of-friends would ask for my help, and they wanted to pay me for my time. Its useful to have a friend who is a designer to call on when you just need a little help. But what if you don’t have a designer friend? Well that’s where I can help you…

It's a little bit different...

I want you to design the space. You are going to live in it, afterall. And no one knows your taste or the things that are important to you better than you do. But you also want it to look great and work well and not cost more than it should. That’s where I can help you…

Imagine your best-friend was an interior designer, wouldn’t that be amazing? You could chat to them about your project and they would listen and give you advice on the best thing to do. If you found a piece of furniture you loved, or were baffled by a choice of lighting you could call them and ask them their opinion. You could gain their insight into which colour to have on the walls, the floors, the doors. And you could have the confidence to opt for bolder design choices when a trusted advisor gives you the thumbs up. They could tell you where to go to get a bargain (and where to avoid getting ripped off) and which flooring is practical and which colours would match that cushion you just love.

Maybe you don’t have that friend but I can be the next best thing. Ok, I can’t do it for free (I wish I could) but by working together and including you in the project, and letting you take the lead, its surprisingly affordable and makes a huge difference.

About me:

After studying illustration at university, my early career started in London as an illustration agent. But my first love was interiors, which began as a child when my dad and I built a dolls house together. I was so obsessed with that thing, I think it was inevitable that I would one day end up working in this field! A move back to Loughborough in 2011 led me to a career at the amazing deVOL Kitchens where I have been working as a senior designer until December 2016. 

During this time, my husband Joel and I embarked on an ambitious project to build our own home here in Leicestershire. Many of the images you see on this website are the Scandinavian-inspired house we've built here, and I was truly bitten by the building-bug during the project.

When not running My Designer Friend HQ, you might find me still indulging my love of illustration by teaching at Loughborough University, or running around after our boy, Huckleberry (you can call him Huck).